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Single „My Captain Jack“ by Saby Cheek, 2018
RDR 18.001-7

„My Captain Jack“ is a danceable ballad drawing the picture of true love being a battlefield – sometimes. Again working with Peter Vieweger (producer & Falco bandleader) was an honor and awesome experience.
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sabycheek_likeiloveyouSingle „Like I Love You“ by Saby Cheek, 2017
RDR 17.001-7

A sophisticated rock-pop song. It’s all about love, sex and its evil sweetness, about passion and the addictive taste of unconditional love.
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Black Roses CoverSingle „Black Roses“ by Saby Cheek, 2016
RDR 16.001-7

Intimate and emotional piano version.
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cover_surrender_600x600_72Single „Surrender, Defect, Somehow“, 2013
RDR 13.001-7

“Surrender, Defect, Somehow” is the last single from Viennese indie rock band SONORA. The song combines excellent musicianship and risk-taking vocals to create a catchy and compelling ode to erotic obsession. Watch the video

Album „Eleven Ways To Remind The Past“, 2011
RDR 11.001-1

Eleven Ways to Remind the Past is the much-anticipated second and last full-length album by SONORA.

EP EP „Unplugged Sessions“, 2010
RDR 10.001-2

SONORA’s Unplugged Sessions EP grew out of acoustic gigs that the band had been doing in and around their native Vienna.

Album "Days Of Conquer"Album „Days Of Conquer“, 2009
RDR 09.001-1

Days of Conquer is full of surprises. From the driving “Naked Upside Down” to the haunting final track “Stumble and Fall” finely-crafted songs and solid musicianship interweave genre-busting elements between indie and indescribable.

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